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To completely rebrand the organisation with a new logo, website and other collaterals. Northern Kerala lags behind the south in terms of
tourism output, so the challenge was to present Wayanad as an attractive location with a completely unique tourism experience.




A new logo and brand message of “Way Beyond” was created. An online video campaign to popularise Wayanad and its many attractions
instantly went viral. The brand was given a complete makeover with a strong online presence. Various social media platforms were employed
for this purpose. The official Wayanad Tourism website also won the Pepper Award for Best Corporate Website. Wayanad is generally
perceived to comprise forests, hills and tribals. Our extensive research revealed that the place had a lot more to offer, hence the tagline- Way
Beyond. The logo was created using multiple elements to signify the diversity of the region.

Link To Video:

Part 1: We built a user friendly and informative website along with posters and a social media campaign that was specifically constructed to ensure virality.

Link To Site:

Part 2: Tourist maps and city maps were created to make the experience more comfortable. An app was also developed to guide tourists about nearby
spots, hotels, petrol pumps, atms etc. As the place is not highly urbanised, such information encourages travelers to explore the region.
Tourism signages were also reworked, making this a 360 degree solution.



Site and App